Maternal Love

This may be one of my favorite drawings. There is nothing as gentle and loving as a mother with her baby. When I see it now, it brings me back to the moment I drew it. At that time, I was feeling lonely and overwhelmed with sadness, but peaceful. This sight was like a soft reminder, it gave me a glimpse into the true essence of things: we are all okay, there is a fundamental love and rhythm.

Jamaica Plain Pond



Mimi and Julia

africaquilt     The first of an on-going series of “quilt” drawings; small square drawings or paintings arranged in a grid, each capturing a memorable moment from the day. These are from my head (which tend to be a little goofy- go figure). Lately I’ve been painting little still-life quilts in and around my apartment, mostly from observation.


firebushA page (2 pages) from my sketchbook- also painted in Uganda, Jan 2011


Uganda, 2011

Uganda, 2011

A quick pencil drawing. Susan sat for me near a pool- it was a hot day, she walked me there down dusty streets lined with luscious green plants and small trees, with her little sister, Winnie, trailing behind us–a cute, spunky little girl with quite the attitude. I remember Susan as being very modest and mild-mannered; a quiet, gentle person whose presence alone makes you feel at ease. Her brother married my dear friend, Sandra, the week before. I met Susan when I staying with their family in Uganda.